Saturday, February 6, 2016

Poppy Bees

I love photography partially because everything and anything can be your subject... beautiful and ugly, unique and mundane, it doesn't matter. I can get suck into the smallest of things, forgetting about most anything else, using the camera to let me make all sorts of observations and fully immersing myself in my experience, trying to anticipate movements, maintain awareness of light and danger and fleeting moments.  This type of experience is one of my happiest of happy spots.

So this morning while I was biking, I saw this, a little area of landscaping with a line of blooming poppies! To my eyes and brain and camera enabled hands (point + shoot Nikon w/ some limited macro capabilities), this little patch of flowers became a playground where I played with the poppys and bees on a sunny February morning on Ventura Blvd....(I dream of doing all sorts of series over days/weeks/months on various plants and animals when I can one day have a garden of my own outside.....dreams.....)

the bees LOVED this flower in particular this morning...

Today I learned the yellow blobs of pollen on the bee's legs are called "pollen baskets" or corbicula!  Tiny little animals making huge impacts in our lives! Go bees, go!

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