Saturday, February 20, 2016

Amir's Garden Instantly

Off a fire road on a short but steep hike in Griffith Park, there's a little oddly lush garden filled with non-native plants. Amir's Garden was started in 1971 & this garden has been volunteer run ever since it was created. A central open area on a ridgetop is surrounded by all sorts of lush and sometimes colorful plants and all encircled by pathways and little spots with benches. We spent 2 hours wandering around (granted, I stopped to take many photos...) and we didn't even explore all the paths.... I suspect it was a semi-normal day that included kids being crazy, teenagers shooting some sort of film, many others wandering around and talking on their phones, people enjoying the benches and resting, random drumming and other random things going on. What an interesting and unique place to spend some time walking around and watch lizards and birds!

double exposure that was a little too much....

looking over the nearby golf driving range towards Glendale

The sun is the black spot up in the sky - this is characteristic of this Fuji instax film

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