Monday, February 15, 2016

29 face 2/16 - 3


I really enjoy looking through other people's 29 faces since there's so many variations that come out of the same prompt! This one was inspired by alarmcatstudio's line drawings, but instead I made 29 faces from a single line! This was a sharpie on bristol paper

I intended on doing something different for this one initially, but I like where it ended up! These were basic watercolor splotches (faces). Later I added hair, some slight facial features and eyes and then decided to sketch more definition on the hair and faces with a black copic brush tip. My paper's too big for my scanner!

Lesson: 1)Profiles are much harder than you think (I had google images for profiles up, but didn't really copy  anything/look while painting. I had to modify my brain definition/hand definition as I went along to make them more realistic/less cartoony 2) The right paintbrush helps. I went with something too large at first which made it difficult to get the details I wanted & then I wasn't liking the lack of smoothness on the tips of the paintbrushes and started trimming. Watercolor can be hard to tame, but a bad brush doesn't help.

That's 203 faces already! (not counting some in progress things!)

2/2016 faces! 2
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  1. Love your 29 faces from one line. What a superb idea.

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun and very freeing just to kinda scribble and be so loose with my movement! You should try it out, even if it's not for this challenge :)

  2. All of your faces and techniques are great! So much to look at!

  3. My favorite part of these faces is that I wouldn't even identify them as Melissa art (except for maybe the middle set). I love that you're always trying new things!