Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Greater Kudu Fisheyed

Greater Kudu at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in New Braunfels, TX

These guys had such long legs and were at the perfect height to get fed by hand from an SUV like vehicle.... The male approached first and stuck his head into the car as much as possible to get his share of the food. Because of it's horns, he couldn't get in very far, but he still gladly slurped up food from my hands. Once the male had his fill from me, one of the females had her turn. I had wiped off some of the male Kudu slobber and food bits on a tissue and had just dropped it in my lap. The female shoved her head into the car and grabbed the first thing that smelled like food to her... the tissue. This photo was taken as she pulled her head back out and chewed the tissue, seemingly a little confused at the odd texture of the food.

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