Wednesday, February 24, 2016

29 Faces 2/16 - 5


test face on the fridge! YES!
This group of faces took a bit of time. A few years ago I found a set of paint-your-own plaster magnet backed eyeballs after Halloween at Michael's for something like 10 cents. I painted them a while ago and then they remained on my fridge, staring back at you. Then a couple weeks ago I was standing at the bus stop and noticed this red O kid's magnet on the ground. I considered picking it up, but the bus arrived and that was that. The next day I was at the bus stop again and the magnet was still there. 29 faces was floating in my head and I realized the eyes and this red O were a perfect match:

 So off I went, walking around outside, looking for well lit, ferrous metal surfaces or flat surfaces I could prop the face components on. As soon as I found my first surface I knew this was going to be a fun project! I shot all these photos on 3 different walks. I love how using the same exact eyes and mouth, common things are morphed into entire characters. Amazing what some temporary magnets can do!

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2/2016 faces! 4
2/2016 faces! 3
2/2016 faces! 2
2/2016 faces! 1

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  1. Oh my god. I bet you had way too much fun with that!

    1. After this, I keep thinking how awesome it would be if as an art piece, every parking meter on a street had a different face or having a street where there's faces or little animal paintings all over, both obvious a bit more hidden....