Sunday, February 28, 2016

29 face 2/16 - 6

These 2 Gelli prints are both made from a total of 29 faces - all of which are faces I cut out from magazines. You can't really see some of the faces anymore, but they are there! In addition to the 2 prints, I also made a time lapse video of the process (I kept track of the number of faces by adding pencil marks to the back of the prints as I was going along.)




... and because I can make up my own rules, #14 is the video of making the above 2 pieces!

I know I'm pretty much not making it by the end of the month at this point, but that's ok! I started late, I still have some things in progress, some closer than others to being done and I've already posted 14 groups of 29 faces! I will keep on going!

2/2016 faces! 5
2/2016 faces! 4
2/2016 faces! 3
2/2016 faces! 2
2/2016 faces! 1

all previous 29 faces

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