Sunday, February 21, 2016

29 face 2/16 - 4


a demented family portrait: (2 people x ~16 flashes during exposure) - 3 flashes for 1 person during beginning = approximately 29 faces in 1 photo


interference pattern from ads/bus graphics on the bus windows made for extra darkness and a face like pattern to me... you might not see 29 depending on how you define your faces

this just didn't work as I wanted... I let it stop me for way too long hoping I would figure out what I wanted to do to make it better, but I eventually realized I just needed to stop and cut my losses and continue on. I always have some crappy faces in this project! The point is to not let those slow everything down! There's many more faces to continue!

I have some more sets in progress that I'm excited about, some are just taking a little bit longer than others, which is ok!

2/2016 faces! 3
2/2016 faces! 2
2/2016 faces! 1

all previous 29 faces

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