Wednesday, September 3, 2014


We got home from Burning Man last night... this year was definitely it's own experience that beat me up in new and exciting ways (tm). Some have asked how I was just getting back since it was shut down ( it was, but just temporarily & for us meant sitting in line within view of Will Call for 12 hours.) I battled with my body and injuries and pain and introverted nature and  ended up spending way more time in camp than I had wanted as a result, but it is what it is. I managed to make it out to shoot some pictures though, so I'm happy with that. I had made up some specific photo shooting goals and at least partially achieved them as well. I don't go back to work until next week, so I'm still trying to ride the wave of random productivity in the meantime - I stayed up late last night and developed some of my film from the Holga and this morning I was working on scanning negatives and hopefully will develop more this afternoon. Go, go, go!

One morning at Burning Man I just couldn't really force myself to even be around other people, so hid for a while and painted. It wasn't until I just scanned the resulting painting that I realized what way I wanted to orient it. Distraction by abstraction!


  1. I'd like to name this one "Avocado Flower Toast"

    1. Ha! I think the name matches better with the 180 degree rotation version!