Sunday, September 7, 2014

Temple of Grace 2 -BM2014

Temple of Grace - Burning Man 2014

Trying to enjoy today while simultaneous dreading the end of it. Tomorrow I finally go back to work after 18 days off. I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've been away from work in over 10 years, or since I was in college (!!!!!!!!) As it turns out, I do in fact keep myself pretty occupied when I'm not going to work every day. I'm looking forward to seeing coworker type friends, but I'm not looking forward to the rigid schedules, combative language & situations & frantic, yet predictable behavior that comes with going back to work. The stress seemingly for the sole purpose of creating stress. I'm not looking forward to reinstating the filters on myself and my personality for daily existence. So instead I will think about being grateful for things I generally ignore or minimize, like it doesn't take me 20 minutes to take a trip to the bathroom in my tiny apartment, biking on a relatively peaceful Ventura Blvd this morning to get delicious fresh fruits and veggies including the strawberries I already shoved into my mouth and the arugula strawberry salad I'll have for lunch and my cute squishy rat.

Temple of Grace 1

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  1. 18 days is a looooong time. Good for your, Ms. Vacation Saver! You deserve it.

    I think the Holga really compliments the overall feel of the temple. Very cool.