Friday, September 5, 2014


campmates, bikemates - Burning Man 2014

Yesterday I went out for my first bike ride since getting back to LA. And as usual, it's a mindfuck. The huge number of cars and lack of other bicyclists slams me with a feeling of foreigness. My favorite time to bike is first thing in the morning, partially because of the weather, the quietness, the birds, the light & photo opportunities, but also the emptiness of the streets. Some mornings on my way to the farmers market, I actually have Ventura Blvd. to myself. I suppose that was one of my mistakes yesterday in that I went out in the afternoon, to find streets filled with cars. I felt distant and removed from the people and yet more fully integrated with my surroundings at the same time. There's paved streets, semi-shaded places, more moderate temperatures and no dust storms, yet I am biking alone.  I like having time alone, but I enjoy having more people around me to casually interact with, especially when biking. During the school year if I go to work at a certain time, I always know I'm going to at least say hi to a woman & her kids while they're walking to school. When we're stuck at a light, we chat a bit more. Those are just the squishy aspects... my rambling on the actual logical parts of biking could go on for a while.... Sigh.

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