Monday, September 15, 2014

Calming storm

This morning is the kind of morning when I start mentally preparing myself to never sleep again.  It's 3am and it's still 80 degrees outside and somehow 86 in my bathroom and I have to go to work in a few hours. I'm cursing my non-a/c containing bedroom with my new comfy bed made from the fruit of organic cotton fields, the blood of trees and the outside flesh of bleating sheep... so no sleep, ever again....Yes! There's no such thing as being overly dramatic when it comes to sleep! All fans are on, clothing is minimized, just keep the windows fully open open and relax next to one, but no! No! The terrible smells and sounds. Construction vehicles "beep beep beep"ing out of time with one another as they dump asphalt and repave the 101 freeway just across the street for weeks on end.

Which is completely not how I wanted to write this post, but that is what is on my mind right now. Lost sleep & heat.

(best viewed w/ full screen)

Whiteouts during Burning Man are theoretically crappy at times, but when prepared, I think they are awesome and calming. They provide an opportunity to really just be trapped in the moment. Make sure to have water, goggles & some sort of nose covering, find a good spot and just wait and be enveloped by the visual experience of a wall of white with things gently coming into and out of view, the dust slightly pelting all your exposed skin, the piles and dunes gradually shifting around you. I wish I had made a longer video because I think this is becoming a default "calm yourself, M" video....


  1. Did you get some kind of lambskin maple syrup mattress?

    That sounds super crappy. I heard on the radio that you guys reached 103 before noon this morning. What the hell?

    I can also understand how the whiteout would be peaceful. Reminds of waves at a beach.

    1. Latex with organic cotton & wool :O

      heaaaaaaaatttttt....luckily it's temporarily going to be cooler!

      I took a video I haven't posted that I shot while upside on a sailboat of the water sloshing back and forth. It was weird and disorienting and made me have ocean in my brain when closing my eyes for a while!