Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Breakfast Shadows

Breakfast Shadows -Burning Man 2014

I saw this sight way more often than I should admit this year. My camp mates were awesome and made all sorts of delicious breakfast things like whole grain pancakes, eggs and bacon throughout the week. I cooked almost nothing the entire week (breakfast or other meals!), partially because of my knee, partially due to camp mates that were on top of it and partially due to other distractions, but I still ate well. Thank you!


...and in other news, I guess one camp was so horrible with moop (trash) at the end of Burning Man, that they got publicly shamed! It is pretty terrible to look at and I know I've been a bit frustrated at times at how badly some people don't seem to understand moop. It sounds like it was a plug and play camp gone wrong.....

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