Tuesday, September 9, 2014

no such thing

copics and sakura pens on 11x14 mixed media paper.

A long a slow and tedious process working from the foreground background w/o sketching, abstract nature, done (maybe not), happy, bird reference guide, John Audubon excellent hunter. I don't know, make it up yourself. thanks for visiting this place (which place?)


  1. Seems very... influenced... so to speak. :-)

    The colors are great. I also love the hidden eyes.

    1. influenced by life and the things in my head :)

      Thanks! The Copic markers are awesome (but don't pay $8 a piece at Michael's for them! unless you have coupons and then they are semi-reasonable).... I have a set coming in the mail this week and already have a backlog of drawings that need colors. COLORS! COLORS! So many colors! I liked the eyes too and think I might do something with mostly eyes...