Sunday, September 21, 2014


I've been in one of those focused spots where I furiously work on one drawing, mostly finish it, prop it up someplace a distance away and look at it for a while, add a couple changes then hop onto the next drawing. Just going, going, going. I suppose it's somewhat intense at times, but I enjoy it. Flow, concentration, etc.....

These 2 are opposites in so many ways, which is why I like the first one and the second one just screams out "imperfection" and "fix it" to me. The ruler I was using for the second was dragging ink all over the page and making random black marks that were difficult to completely hide, despite the fact I used the same materials for both drawings. But then it also reminds me of why I like more organic, nature-like textures since many imperfections are suddenly ok, opposed to more technical things that need more and more and more and more refinement, without actually being able to achieve the technical absolute perfection. It's magical!

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