Saturday, March 12, 2016

29 Faces 2/16 - 7

Obviously, I'm a little (little?) behind on the 29 faces for February, but I'm still going to try to finish. We'll minimum I would like to do some of the things I have lined up/partially finished. These 2 collages are each made from 29 pieces of 29 different faces. It's been a while since I've done collage and I was reminded by these of why I like collage and how surreal and weird things can get pretty quickly. These took a bit longer than I had hoped, but to get what I want, sometimes it takes some scouting and creativity and I messed up one of them by trying a different adhesive that wasn't as compatible with the collage pieces as I had hoped. Fortunately, to me this 29 faces project is about experimenting and trying things out, which means things don't always work.With these 2 I'm over half way there!


sad wrinkles :(

2/2016 faces! 6
2/2016 faces! 5
2/2016 faces! 4
2/2016 faces! 3
2/2016 faces! 2
2/2016 faces! 1

all previous 29 faces

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