Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ciclavia #16 Instant!

It's been 5 long months without a CicLAvia, but today that dry spell was broken with a new route in the North Eastern San Fernando Valley! This is the first CicLAvia we've both driven to & then walked, but was enjoyable in it's own way. We only ended up covering about half the route on foot, but from what we saw, it seemed the turnout for this event was a little light compared to some of the other recent ones. I think many people anticipated a lighter turnout without a good light rail/subway nearby (the Metrolink wasn't too far away, but for people like me it really didn't make any sense to use it) and the uncertainty of rain until the last minute made it less accessible to many. With that said, the people that attended seemed to enjoy themselves and it was fun to see the many murals in the area & the little things being done to make the area more friendly to people that are traveling without a car.

I brought along a few cameras which will take a couple days to get the film handled, but these first 2 were shot with my fuji instant neo-classic!

Danny Trejo mural in Pacomia


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