Sunday, March 20, 2016

Forest Lawn Glendale, Instants

The Glendale Forest Lawn Cemetery is well known in Los Angeles because of the numerous celebrities buried there and some of the more extreme, extravagant accommodations. Personally though, I enjoy visiting cemeteries for their art, bits of history and general calmness compared to many other places. We ended up visiting a little late, so we didn't have much time to site see and we didn't go into any of the actual buildings, but we did stop to see some of the sculptures out in the open. For being such a huge place (you can tell the land was purchased a LONG time ago with the views and massive amount of contiguous space), it's a very "flat" cemetery with few 3-d headstones, sculptures and other monument types things. I'm assuming it's due to policy and the hillsides, but we made the most of it and explored. I mostly shot with my instax neo-classic and my yashica mat with various expired films.... instax up now!

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