Thursday, April 28, 2016

Las hermosas lomas virgenes

I knew I wanted to go someplace special to shoot at least one roll from the Emulsive/PrintFile giveaway, so I held off for a little while since I knew it wasn't happening on expired film day itself. When the stars aligned, we ended up at Las Virgenes Canyon again, and more specificlly during sunset again. I shot the T-Max roll using my Yashica Mat 124-G & a tripod. I attempted to treat it as 64 ISO film since that's the lowest my Yashica Mat went, but let's also be honest and mentioned again that my light meter doesn't work... so it's all a bit of a guessing game anyway.

I wanted to wait to see how the previous roll I shot turned out and after some very expired looking results from the color expired film roll, I was somewhat hesitant to develop the roll of 20+ year old T-Max. I kept delaying the development, being productive and developing multiple other rolls  of film before sucking it up earlier this week.

As I sat in the dark bathroom fiddling with the film, my heart dropped as I tried to detach the roll of 120 film from the paper backing and the film RIPPED, which has never happened, but I also had never tried to develop 20+ year old film. The film was stiff and resistant to being flattened and kept curling and slipping out from under the clip of the spool. Sigh. Silent struggles in the dark and finally I got everything situated and developed it in 1:1 diluted Kodak D-67. I have to say, I was much happier with my result than I thought I would be. I'm still in the process of scanning, but here's a little taste....

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