Sunday, April 24, 2016


It might be apparent from some recent posts that I've been developing some black and white film recently... although I ultimately have 1 roll I NEED to develop now, I'm doing the "procrastination by filling time with other long time to-do list items" and even manged to develop a roll of film from Burning Man last year! This is one of the ones I shot with my Medium Format Holga that has already made 3 trips to Burning Man! (the 35 mm on the other hand didn't even make it through 1 Burning Man. RIP 35mm Holga. :( Back in those days when Holgas were still made and one could be so reckless...) Unfortunately I was unable to get Burning Man tickets in the sale this year, so I'm trying to keep my options and eyes open to see if I can make it happen this year. I feel like I keep doing more and pushing myself each year that I've gone, even to the point of finally showing my own art there, that I really would like to go back.....

I know I've taken these types of photos before, but I do love shooting these laser cut domey things with the black and white film....  so pretty!

Burning Man 2015, BRC, Nevada
shot with Holga 120


  1. Great to meet you at BRC Center Camp, Melissa! :)

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for stopping by!!! It was such an awesome surprise then as well as today to get this comment and photo!!! :)