Saturday, April 9, 2016

Puddle Portraits 4/9/16

Although I'm not a big fan of the rain during the week when I have to go to work (although, working from home might change this!!) and it can suck when you have outdoor plans on the weekend, when I have a free weekend + rain, I really enjoy it. A huge part of that has been rain paintings (which has gone to a new level with purchasing Brushos!!! A post with some of those should be coming up), but today I decided to wander outside and play with my instant camera and some of the large puddles that form in the streets near my home... I've always been a fan of playing with shadows and puddles are similar. I enjoy how the puddles can bring bits of the sky to the cement in more than one way and the additional layer of visual interest and texture that comes from the reflections...

(normal converse are too narrow for me, but these rubber ones are actually pretty comfy!)

(evidence of playing with brushos on my hands became apparent after picking up the wet rose petals...)

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