Sunday, May 8, 2016

Descanso bits 5/16 #1

Last week we took a day off of work to make another trip to Descanso Gardens. I've been visiting many gardens recently, including going to Huntington Gardens just a few days earlier. Each garden has it's own plus and minuses... some are huge (like Descanso) and can come with actual moments of being alone and just seeing plants, some have giant manicured areas, some cost enough to make you think about it and others are nice just to visit when you have an extra hour, some are full of native bits and others transport you around the world, but I do always enjoy the time outside and seeing all the different plants and animals. I think I took something like 4 or 5 cameras along this time, so this first one of just a few of my DSLR photos is just the first of many potential posts from the trip...

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