Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oral Expulsion

One of the things that I love about collage is that anything is fair game. Pictures? Random sheets of paper? Candy wrappers? Tickets, scraps, little handouts, bits of left over art projects? They can all be fodder for new ideas, juxtaposed or cut down and manipulated into deformed versions of their former selves. I learned this years ago when I first started making collages and I would just make piles of cut outs and other random things and purposely toss them onto my table. I'd shuffle them around and some days some combinations would appear and I would run with it.... Now that I have too many hobbies to count, I still do this, although things have changed a little. I have a large journal that I've using to clean off painty things... a dirty brayer, a paint smeared stencil & whatever other junk I decided to press onto the Gelli plate. And these painted pages sometimes sit for a while before things click to make the whole. This past weekend I opened one of these pages and got to town. This was the result.

It's funny though because once I looked at it for a while, I realized this was likely at least partially inspired by sources of collage material that I sometimes ignore... because not all collage materials come in the physical sense.. instead some comes from a more mental place and I realized that unconsciously, I was inspired by a recent blog post from a friend about one of her experiences with San Pedro while in Peru and specifically her experiencing her ego as a little rodent......

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