Monday, November 16, 2015

Actionsampler samples!

A few weeks ago I picked up a Lomography ActionSampler camera. This cheap camera has 4 separate lenses (Lomography also makes other models with multiple lenses) that expose 1/4 of a negative with a slight delay between each firing. The result is a tiny 4 scene movie or in the case of more stationary scenes, 4 slightly different perspectives (this lecture by David Hockey on perspective is interesting in light of this camera!), on a single negative.  These are the first few photos from the first roll. Just like most camera, it does seem to have a learning curve in terms of light/film needed as well as what sorts of situations "work" with the camera. I think this is the first camera I've  used that doesn't really have a viewfinder at all... instead it just has a tiny plastic frame that flips up to let you better guess what's going to happen.... the joys of lomography!

driving on the 101 towards Hollywood

seasons actually do exist in Los Angeles!

while driving in Silver Lake we saw this guy jamming down the street in a bike-like area in his wheelchair! WHaaaaaAAA! The real crazy part though was watching him just go straight through a red light (I guess his wheelchair didn't have brakes to handle his speed?) and all of the cars with the green light having to stop. At least he's rare enough to catch attention, but I was a bit scared for him considering he didn't have lights or a super reflective wheelchair.

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