Friday, November 13, 2015

Magazine Graffiti Women

Last year when I first participated in the 29 Faces challenge, I experimented with a different technique for each face and stumbled on the idea of painting on magazine pages. I hadn't played with this idea at all until this past week when I hit a roadblock, unable to get into any art in particular when I decided it was time to do something more "mindless" and decided to paint on some magazine pages.

I lovvvvvvve the eye and nose on this one

 and a couple of short time-lapse process videos of the purple and pink faces. Each one compresses about 45 min to ~1 min:

Although, as before, I kinda view this as cheating, I still think it's a good and interesting technique to use, especially to just experiment with getting the "feel" of painting a properly proportioned face in different positions. Plus, once you slap down the first layer of paint, you're kinda on your own in terms of going forward with shading and fixing your slopped paint slapping. I like the result and I'll probably go to this and maybe even try it out with my own photos at some point....

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  1. These are really neat! I love the timelapse videos.