Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Las Virgenes Canyon, golden

This past weekend as part of "doing random things in the west San Fernando Valley" we stopped by Las Virgenes Canyon right around the golden hour. Because the stop was somewhat spontaneous, I wasn't prepared with proper grippy hiking type shoes and I had my nikon point & shoot with me as well as my 35mm Holga, so I made due with what I had.

I was the only one that hadn't been there before, so I didn't know what to expect and I have to admit to being a little surprised by being in the middle of a neighborhood with large houses and then suddenly in a large open space. Often these types of parks either seem to be almost immediately a climb up a hillside that would be a bit ridiculous (although in LA it would happen) to develop on, while this was a rare sudden bit of rolling hills that was relatively open. It was super pretty with the addition of perfect lighting for enjoying the hills, openess and gentle sound of plants blowing in the cool, comfortable breeze. 

 Crazy houses on the edge of the developed world (we checked up on this later.. the right side in this photo looked well cared for while the left has graffiti & new construction going on in the front)

 As previously mentioned, I lovvvvvvve these types of hills. Sigh.

 houses peeking over the hills at the edge of the preserve

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