Thursday, May 21, 2015

Refugio, 4/13

This past weekend we were lucky enough to be invited out for a sailboat adventure again. After getting home that evening with visions of the ocean still in my head, we were talking about going back to Refugio to camp because it was so awesome, enjoyable and relaxing the last time. Then, only days later, the Refugio Oil Spill happened.

And while there have certainly been much worse oil spills, I have to say I've still been very saddened by this one. Partially because of our plans. Partially because I think back to how much I enjoyed walking alone on the shoreline there in the early morning watching the sun and the water and the birds and then later as the tide went out, we wandered over to the rocky area to the north west and it's in such contrast to the images of black oil coating all of those things we enjoyed and covering the ocean smell with oil. And I know the area is part of a unique ecosystem. And I know this is the kind of thing we make ourselves vulnerable to when needing these materials. And I know the associated companies have relatively bad accident rates and massive profits (in the many millions/nearly billion.)

Anyway, it's one of those things I don't like reading about, but I feel like I need to anyway. And then I think about what Refugio was when we visited. These are some of my photos of the shore in a more pristine state from 2 years ago when we camped there

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