Monday, May 25, 2015

Sailing 5/17/15

As I mentioned in my last post, last weekend we had an opportunity to go out on a sailboat again! The morning started out a bit overcast, but as we headed out of Marina del Rey and into the open ocean, the clouds split open and gave us some nice weather for a day of sailing. As usual, there were plenty of animals, fun boats to watch, good company and plenty of ocean to clear the mind.....

Marina del Rey:


I think this might be a Reef Stingray, but I guess there are a couple other that are commonly confused with the Reef Stingray, so I could be wrong!


The Boat:

(note to self: learn to tie knots.)

(inside the boat with all of our crap!)

confinement and freedom

(when I look at something like this, my brain immediately begins deconstructing the seams/stitches and trying to figure out the roles of each one)

I (barely) managed to get all 6 passengers in this 1 reflection!

Theoretically sitting on the edges of the boat seems scary/risky, but I think it's my favorite place to be since you get the least obstructed views of the ocean & sky 

Open Ocean:

 looking towards Malibu near the Getty Villa


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