Saturday, March 28, 2015

Riding the Route - Ciclavia the Valley 3/22/15

Another batch from last week's Ciclavia in the Valley. These are from my 35mm Holga and are mostly just bits of people biking along the route from Lankershim down to Ventura and Coldwater! It's been weird seeing these same streets post Ciclavia this week... Sometimes pretty empty. Sometimes just filled with traffic, speeding cars and people running red lights. Other times, just annoying when trying to deal with non-responsive & sometimes oddly timed lights, especially from a bicyclist's perspective. I enjoyed them better closed to cars....

Oddly enough, the next Ciclavia route for Pasadena was announced this week. On one hand, it's nice to have it in in a new location. On the other, the route is a bit short (this seems to be the theme as the Ciclavias have become more frequent :/ ) and generally reflects the same streets that are closed down for a variety of events in Pasadena including the Rose Parade and the Make Music Pasadena Festival (which is the week after Ciclavia).

And secondly oddly enough, while the Valley Ciclavia was right outside of my home, this next Pasadena Ciclavia is right outside of my work. Ciclavia's stalking my LIFE!! If only those same places would become permanent Open Streets... or at least get some protected bike lanes? Each Ciclavia proves to me, once again, that if you create safe places for people to move around actively in Los Angeles, they come!

 Jerry's & Pinz bowling on Ventura

I enjoy how often random people talk to each other at moments like this at Ciclavia. That kinda of friendliness generally isn't seen while in cars...

I bike this intersection nearly every day... and many days the cars just blow straight through the red lights, (yes, straight, not even a left turn!) It's so weird to have actually seen what it could be like without the dangers of cars in the same spaces...

 NoHo hub near Red Line Station

So many dogs love Ciclavia too!!!!!

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