Monday, March 23, 2015

People of Ciclavia in the Valley

The Ciclavia this past Sunday March 22 was an ultra special Ciclavia for me. Not only was it the first Ciclavia in the San Fernando Valley, but it was literally right outside my apartment building door!!!!!! I was a little unsure about it based on the kinds of pre-event feedback I was getting from people throughout the community, but the turnout seemed great and everyone I interacted with seemed like they were having fun. I was doing things pretty much from 8:30am-4:20pm with little breaks in my apartment throughout the day. I ended up riding (nearly) the whole route 2 times, ate my breakfast while wandering around the Ciclavia route, had some nice conversations with a friend, handed out some decorations for bikes & met some nice people, and shot photos. Such an awesome, perfect day, for me at least.

This first batch of photos are actually the last I shot of the day, but I was super excited to post them. Towards the end of the event I wandered around the Universal hub and just asked random people to shoot their photos in addition to my normal thing. This is a huge, difficult thing for me, but everyone I spoke to with was very kind and allowed me to shoot their photos with my Yashica Mat (which was catching a lot of eyes throughout the event... from time to time I'd hear someone yell out "Medium format!" and "whoa look at that camera!") Thank you to everyone that stopped and let me shoot your photos and for being patient with me with my old manual camera!

although this isn't the best photo (old camera with manual everything), this guy first caught my eye because he was biking with crutches, then I realized he didn't have a right foot! How awesome that a bike lets him still get around!

I loved this woman's dress and her smile that matched her bike!!!!

the Ciclavia game I play in my mind of "spot the Burner bikes"!

...and of course, there are many more photos to come! Thanks to Rocket Photo Lab in Studio City for getting my photos developed so quickly!

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