Sunday, April 5, 2015

Piedras Blancas Elephant Seals - molting

Some more photos from Piedras Blancas, about 2 years ago, of the elephant seals. This was in April when the seals you see are mostly adult females and younger seals of both sexes. During thing time of the year the seals spend a great deal of time hanging out on land while molting. I love how they have fur in so many different colors and how it sometimes makes them look like piles of rocks... and then you'll notice a flipper and while you're there, random ones will start bellowing, sometimes fighting. Some of them fling sand, annoying ones that get hit that didn't want it. Others will flop along, on top of others, pushing and irritating them. The ones that were on the land at this time sometimes just sounded like someone burping. I loved watching these guys (and the day we went it was incredibly windy and cold!!) and it I lived closer, I would definitely enjoy going back at different times of the years to see their different behaviors. They're incredibly fascinating, sometimes intimidating, and unique creatures.

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