Saturday, March 14, 2015

Things you shoot at night, marathoic edition

As a promotional/awareness/birthday thing (thing? thing.) for the LA Marathon this year, spot lights were set up along the whole route for about 2 hours tonight. Now the intended result was supposed to be columns of light at every mile marker and maybe that was more of the case closer to the lights, but because of light pollution, I mostly saw the columns only with longer photo exposures or by the light projecting onto the clouds. I think I was likely seeing the lights in the Hollywood/ West Hollywood areas (which is only about 3.5 miles away by sight from where I was.) Regardless, it was still an excuse to wander around and take photos at night.

 Yay! One of the interesting things about having Ciclavia in my neighborhood is seeing what sorts of outreach is happening. I've seen various flyers (mostly on the street), emails from neighborhood groups, a booth at the farmers market and now signs appearing at the Metro Red Line station parking lot (which I think the parking lot itself is part of the route which is kinda weird/expected because Universal is a horrible neighbor.) Also, QA brain thinks the bottom comment was maybe supposed to say "March 21", not the 22.

tabebuia tree

..and finally, the LA Marathon light (pollution)

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