Saturday, October 4, 2014

29 faces 9/14 - 4

26, 27, 28 & 29 of 29 faces!

All 29 faces posted within a week and drawn within about 2 weeks! I'm glad I ended up using the same Canson marker paper with copics to draw faces from magazines about the same size for the whole set. It allowed me to see how much progress I was able to make sticking within the same confines and just changing things up. It's kinda crazy to look at some of the first faces and comparing them to these last couple sets because they've gotten much better.

When I did this last set and tried to add in some colors, I did come to some limitations of the marker paper. It seems to stop accepting ink before some of the other papers I've used and instead starts acting weird and moving ink around a lot and get weirdly textures (see 5 oclock shadow on the lower right and weird lines in the upper left.) Also, the colorless blender doesn't work as well on it. Still, I'm glad I tried it out. Yay for practicing & learning.


  1. I am impressed at how much they've improved, too! Almost makes me want to try drawing again. :-)