Monday, October 6, 2014

Ciclavia 10/5/2014 - 1

Yay! Yesterday was the 10th Ciclavia, I think maybe #8 for me? I don't know! I'm kinda glad I don't know anymore. It was the first one I took my road bike to. Because my hybrid has a step through frame and a rack on top of just being heavier, the road bike was 50 times easier to lug up and down and around throughout the Red Line subway stations (having to lift my bike over the turnstiles when we ended up at a station entrance without a handicapped turnstile at a couple Ciclavia's sucked to say the least). I am somewhat embarrassed to admit it was also the longest ride I've taken my road bike out on at nearly 22 miles. (I've been out on longer rides, just not with this bike!) I had been going on shorter rides up until now, kinda getting used to the bike and adjusting things, never really more than 10 miles at a time. I also got some new bike shorts recently from Terry which seem to make the experience a bit more comfortable as well. So yay too, for 22 miles on my road bike.

We got to 7th And Metro around 9am since it was supposed to be 100000 degrees (or 100). I filled my 3L camelbak halfway with water and froze it the night before and then filled the rest with water in the morning and I had deliciously cold water all day, which was kinda awesome & much recommended. We ended up biking down to the East LA end, hung out there for a while and got some food before turning around & going to the Echo Park end and then turning around again and going home from 7th/metro. Ok, Ciclavia pictures!

someone was a little lost.....Ciclavia people were yelling at him.. not sure how he ended up in the middle of closed off streets..

this picture makes me laugh because it looks like they are dancing.. these were some of the most enthusiastic intersection volunteers we came across

There were some crazy bike racks in the East LA area including this butterfly and a bunch of flowers

 I love this one! The colors! The single girl riding! The signs! The sky! Exclamation points!!!

I am so drawn to anything that involves painting on random things in group settings. There was no paint when I went by or this mobilemurallab truck would have been another example of the same...

OK. and since narrowing down photos today is a challenge, I still will have another post from this camera and I still have 2+ rolls of film from my Diana camera to develop from yesterday!

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