Thursday, October 9, 2014


I am a relatively new fan of GusGus considering they've been around since the 90's. They were one of those random YouTube finds that I got sucked into. A sometimes weird combo of electronic, actual lyrics with a large number of vocalists (now more than in the past...) with chill, Iceland inspired music. First I listened to the album "Arabian Horse" a ridiculous number of times because it was awesome... then a couple months ago I started poking around on some of their other videos on youtube and noticed some were put up fairly recently, which is to say they actually released a new album this year. While browsing comments of a video, I saw a mention of shows, looked it up and was super excited to see that they were only doing 5 shows in the U.S. (they seem to be much more popular in Europe than the U.S.) including one in Los Angeles in October! Usually I miss these sorts of things by days (like realizing the last Type O Negative concert EVER in LA happened the day before I found out about it), so I was super excited and immediately knew I wanted to go. I'm sure I've been driving people around me crazy in the meantime with my excessive listening of them and random lyric spurts (until it no more exists!!!!!)

Anyway, the day of their show was tonight (or last night October 8!) Joy! I think this was maybe one of the first times I went to a show alone, but it worked out. I road the train/bus to The Roxy in West Hollywood had a good time listening to music and chatted with people. GusGus played for about 90 minutes and included a bunch of their songs from their latest album "Mexico" ("Mexico", "Obnoxiously Sexual", "Crossfade", "Airwaves", "Sustain", "This is Not the First Time" ..and I think "God Application"... or maybe I just wanted to hear that) a few from the album before that ("Over " & "Within Me") and even "Add this Song". I know I'm missing some, but I felt better about being a "new" fan since I actually knew all the songs they played. They really seemed to enjoy the audience dancing along and they kept dancing (like they were enjoying themselves dancing, not look at this awesome choreographed thing I'm doing dancing), but unfortunately the floor was so full that there really wasn't room to move much.

The trip home was actually the part of the night I was most unsure about. I had been to all the areas I had to wait for buses, but during the day, not alone at midnight. And I've had some surprises when going to shows in the past (like the first time I went to the smell, not realizing where skid row was in relation to it and having to enter through the alley!)  It ended up ok besides missing one bus by about 10 seconds. Luckily that was in West Hollywood which was less sketchy than Hollywood. At one point at the bus stop in Hollywood there were 8 other guys there besides me (not that that sort of ratio is weird to me.... I just usually know the guys) and there was a lot of weird shit going on that I kinda turned my back to because I didn't really want to know what was going on if they left me alone and there were a bunch of police driving around anyway.

Joy! Anyway, how can I not take my camera along?!

He told a story at some point about visiting the Hustler store across the street....

Högni Egilsson, Maggi Lego, Birgir Þórarinsson & Daníel Ágúst

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