Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pasadena Chalk Festival 2015 - Holga

I was just glancing through my negatives today and realized I had all of these photos from the Pasadena Chalk Festival from LAST year in 2015 that I never posted! Since this year's festival is this weekend, I am almost exactly a year late! Consider it a preview (seriously, the art is awesome and it's a marathon effort (especially in the 90-100 degree temps expected this weekend in Pasadena!) , but there are some things that appear EVERY year like a variation of Frieda, usually some celebrities in the spotlight recently, current movies (I predict a Finding Dory themed one), current events (I expect at least one tribute to the badness that's been going on in Orlando),  some unfinished pieces and pretty colors.)

I have to say I was REALLY happy with how some of these double exposures turned out! Yay Holga!

(as of June 26, it will be 1 yr since gay marriage was legal in all of the U.S.)

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