Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Burning Bits 2015

A few more from Burning Man 2015.

I have a few more rolls of 120 film from BM last year I need to develop, but work has been a little more mentally tiring recently, although I hope things can settle down in a couple weeks. We shall see... I'm still hoping things can pull together and I can get a ticket for Burning Man this year. I've been debating about filling out a form to show art at Center Camp again. On one hand, I have very few days left to fill out the form. On the other.... still no ticket : / I feel like I've hit a happy groove shooting film at Burning Man. I would very much love to go back again this year and continue, hopefully shooting more people (in a good way!!) Mentally, I know not having a ticket is part of what's keeping me from developing all of last year's film...

Note to Universe: help on this front is extremely appreciated !!!!

Akle the Dragon

Ministry of Random Events (MORE) drum circle: earlier in the week I had passed by this circle of trashcans, but didn't really bother to get close... then later in the week I stumbled into this drum circle. I snapped a few photos before jumping in. There's something really nice and meditative about participating in something like this since everyone can kinda create their own thing, yet still contribute to the whole.


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