Thursday, June 23, 2016

Maple Haze

The Diana + was my first toy camera about 3.5 yrs ago now and when I began scanning this roll today, I realized I've only shot 2 rolls of color film in it! The first was given to me as part of the purchase (craigslist). I think it was some sort of Fuji film & it was expired. I wasn't really sure exactly what to expect with the camera since I was buying it second hand, so I decided to shoot the expired roll as "pratice", which is kinda funny to me now. I didn't know where to develop it for years so it sat around (somewhat defeating the purpose of shooting it to make sure things were ok) and since then I've only shot black and white in the Diana+. In some ways, I think I've learned to love the black and white, and so I didn't really think much about it. It was just part of the Diana for me...  While I finally got the roll developed, I've still never scanned it... Recently I decided to let myself put a color roll in it again when we visited Descanso Gardens and try this out again.

I shot a roll of Lomo 100 color, which was a little slow for some of the circumstances I was in (shaded naturey areas), but I'm still pretty happy with some of the photos, including this double exposure of some of the Japanese Maples.

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