Sunday, September 20, 2015

Burning Man 2015 - Holga 35, Artists at Work

It's no secret that part of what I love about Burning Man is the art. The first time I went, I was overwhelmed pretty early on by what sorts of things people created as a result of this environment and freedom. The surreal results contrasted with the surroundings just enhances the experience. I sometimes describe my time spent biking in the deep playa at Burning Man as journeys through an outdoor art museum, along with things constantly evolving, and disappearing and reappearing and changing as the surroundings and elements affect them. So much awesomeness.

On this first roll from my 35mm Holga shot during the first day or so, I found quite a few instances of the artist at work in various ways.... some were literally painting or performing, some were putting the final pieces of their giant project together and others were just waiting to go through the steps necessary to share. Anyway, they are artists at work doing their part of making the playa and Burning Man experience what it is.

Love by Alexandr Milov being assembled

artists painting on the boards outside of center camp. Dali is right at home here....

artist painting on the boards outside of center camp

Medusa Madness being assembled 

getting a license at the DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles

the DMV line at Burning Man is interesting in it's own way......

more dmv waiting......

and even more dmv... (the line was massive!)

women dancing with scarfs at sunset near the REvolution sculpture

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