Monday, September 14, 2015

Burning Man 2015 - Animalistic Tendencies

Although usually only home to a minimal set of animals like birds, animalistic influences from around the world are found on the playa during the week of Burning Man.....

So let me immediately contradict myself! We were waiting in the line, very close to Will Call when I noticed this guy hopping back and forth across the line of cars! There isn't naturally anyplace for guys like this to hide or food to munch this deep into the playa (although in some of the areas nearby there are plenty of bushes that seem more rabbit friendly), so I'm not sure if it hitched a ride on someone's vehicle or what, but it seemed somewhat confused.... I suspect there are other random animals that hitch rides into Burning Man at times. I also saw a yellow and black bird around my camp that kept moving from one shaded spot to another that seemed a bit out of place.

Take note rats, opossums, cats, snakes and other long tailed animals - a lion demonstrating proper tail tucking technique while biking

It's the playa - drink water.

One morning I noticed these tracks all around a few tents and other items in our camp! A camp pet! I pointed them out to some others and we guessed it was maybe a rodent or lizard (although in retrospect, no tails tracks!) Whatever it was, we knew it had to be alive in the camp because it was so windy the day before that the tracks would have been covered/blown away.

giraffe tall bike being ridden by his jungle man owner!

!!!! cat man!!!! I was biking back to my camp one evening and came across Mr. Meow lounging in front of his camp

this art car amuses me endlessly due to the disproportionaly small elephants

yes, there were still bugs on the playa: specimen 1

and specimen 2: As it turns out, our camp pet was a decent sized beetle that I spotted the next day!

sunset on the dusty billion bunny march

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