Sunday, September 13, 2015

Burning Man 2015 Distortion

About a month ago I found a used Lomography Fisheye Camera online & decided to pick it up. Although it was a bit of a risk to take it along to Burning Man considering I had only shot 1 (still undeveloped) roll with it prior to going, I decided to take it along anyway. I suppose this speaks to the number of cameras I had, but I forgot I had it with me until Wednesday! Doh. I'm pretty happy with the results and actually wish I had shot way more photos with it (I also completely forgot that it had a flash built in! So many missed opportunities!) The fisheye works out well at Burning Man as it's already a somewhat surreal and somewhat disorienting place to be at times and the resulting distorted photos are just par for the course. I also find the extra details that are included into the photos helps bring more perspective and understanding to the whole Burning Man atmosphere at times....

I was warned that these babies bite

forget this camp's name, but they had craft hours where you could create mutant flamingos, so I hung out for an hour and made 2 flamingos to add to the pond...

shark art car chasing a bicyclist

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