Monday, January 26, 2015

Studio City Farmers Market foodspy

From my first visit of 2015 to the Studio City Farmers Market earlier this month.....

All shot with the 35mm Holga with close up filters.


  1. What was the success rate with the filter? It seems difficult to gauge what the hell you're taking a picture of with a macro filter on the Holga.

    1. I'd say probably about 70%. I think there was 1 or 2 more besides the ones I posted from this particular farmers market visit that I decided were too blah.

      I have a little piece of string I carry with the filters with the focus distances marked on it for each filter. So I hold that up against the edge of the filter and stretch it towards the subject to gauge the distance (that's really important in making these turn out as well). Honestly, I don't even look through the camera viewfinder for most of these since I can kinda guess what should be in the photo based on where it's pointing and the string.

      Did you ever get the set I had sent to you for Christmas? : /