Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ciclavia 12/7/14 - South LA Holga #2

Second set from the South LA Ciclavia, shot with my 35mm Holga and, with more people!! I think this might finally be the last set, but the mysterious world of my cameras has surprises for me sometimes....

I love this one! It makes me want to yell "Yay, Ciclavia!!!"


....and about 16 hours after I posted this, I was screaming "Yay, Ciclavia!!!!" (and possibly scaring people around me with my excitement) when I found out the next Ciclavia is around my birthday and THE ROUTE IS RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be the first San Fernando Valley route and goes through North Hollywood and Studio City and passes by the Red Line NoHo and Studio City/Universal City stations and the end of the Orange Line. There's also a few bike lanes that lead directly to the route (Orange Line path/Chandler, Vineland, Tujunga and I'm sure I am missing more.) I'm seriously thinking of doing a small birthday celebration outside in the street for my friends and whoever else wants to stop by. I have SO MANY ideas, way too many for a single day of things that could be done, but I also just want to ride the route and experience the streets I bike and walk all the time in a new way. This has been a dream of mine to have Ciclavia right outside my home because it's my favorite thing in Los Angeles and people are happy and people get to experience and explore the city and it's awesome for photography and gets people outside and biking and exercising and interacting with their friends and people they don't know at all, and and and and and!!!!!!!! It's so wonderful and I hope one day there is a Ciclavia every week in Los Angeles!! I'm so excited to talk with people in my neighborhood that say "it's scary to ride on the streets" and hope they can come out. SO EXCITED!

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