Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ciclavia 12/7/14 - South LA Holga

I picked up my Holga 135 the weekend of the December 2014 Ciclavia in South LA... to be truthful, part of the reason I decided to finally bite the bullet & buy one was because of Ciclavia. So these are the first pictures I shot with the Holga 35mm! Unfortunately I had some confusion about advancing (I didn't realize I would feel a locking of the advancing knob when I reached the next frame so I kinda stopped when I thought the number reflected a new frame.), but overall, I really like how they turned out. The camera  operation was relatively easily to pick up, especially after using the Holga 120. Yay! Ciclavia! Photos! Biking!


this was supposed to be parrots... you can still kinda spot some especially on the left/non double exposed side

more of playing the "spot the parrot" game!

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