Friday, July 4, 2014

Full Visible Spectrum

How shall I spend a day of American Independence? Drawing a rainbow eye and listening to Danish music, of course!

colored pencil & acrylic paint on bristol paper, 14x17inches

Sometimes I seem to forget that I'm more productive in some ways artistically not putting on random tv shows in the background (it takes a lot for me to sit in front of the computer or a tv and passively watch) or even specifically "arty" ones, but instead just putting on some music and going. Oops. Just leaving this here as a reminder for myself. That was easier to remember before netflix and youtube and when I was a DJ and made a more regular habit of listening to music in an uninterrupted manner. It was also while I was a DJ at KTRU where I was encourage to explore non-pop music, which lead me to world music where I realized that I actually enjoyed listening to music in languages I didn't speak. The voices and words became more musical to me and less distracting, even when it comes to singing along.

I started this drawing late last night and hours passed without me even realizing it was nearly 2am, but I knew I needed to sleep because I never sleep in too particularly late. I woke up this morning and jumped back into it. Right now I'm in another pausing stage, still not sure if it's done or not, which means I prop it up and keep staring at it. I both very much enjoy and hate having to be my own judge of when I'm done because there's some things I could very well tweak forever. I don't necessarily have a preconceived idea about what the end product should be when I start, just some ideas I've worked though mentally and visions that need to come to fruition for later evaluation. Weee!

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