Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Burning Man 2013 - Arty Bits

More from Burning Man 2013.

I was talking with someone today who was describing the experiences that scents can bring back, memories that sometimes you didn't even know you had. Burning Man has a great deal of those for me. I can't smell bacon, especially the strong smell that comes from cooking way more than a few slices that you get from a restaurant early in the morning, without near instantly going back to Burning Man. When combined with a clear morning with perfect temperatures and the special morning light, that's one of those things that once you experience, you really can't erase. Suddenly my shirt is splattered with the grease that comes from cooking 8lbs of bacons on a camping stove and I'm not biking to work, but instead into the open playa to go experience wonderful art for a while.

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