Monday, February 17, 2014

29 faces, group 3!

Yay! More faces! More experimentation!

9 - white grease (China) pencil on black cardstock: A birdie mentioned to me "It's February & February is black history month.. Are you going to celebrate it in your faces?" So with that seed and spotting my white China marker, I decided I'd try out the white on black sort of drawing. This is a technique I hadn't tried out myself, but remembered talking to an artist at the Hive at the downtown LA artwalk about it. I don't know if it's because I haven't done it before and therefore required relying on different points of reference, but it felt way more like sculpting than putting black pen on white paper to draw does...I really like the result!

10 - Oil Pastels on cardboard cracker box. I'm not sure if it was the material combo or the fact I was using "children's" oil pastels, but after blending them with my finger, I had way more on my finger than I had hoped.

11- slick neon tulip paints on gessoed cardboard cracker box. I bought the paint set with a 75% discount at michel's because the orange was missing. At first I tried drawing with only lines, but I  managed to smear some of the nice lines and I was a little frustrated with the lack of orange since I was only using the nozzles on the bottles to paint and therefore couldn't really mix colors, soooo that's when blending some of the paints with my finger came in. Some moments I think this face is "bleeeeh" and others I think he is awesome!


  1. Yes, your first face - white china marker on black is awesome, more like genius! I love it. I can see where you would feel more like you were sculpting. You've inspired me to try that.

  2. Yes you are right about BHM. Great job.