Wednesday, February 19, 2014

29 face, the fourth

Woo! With these 4, I'm officially over halfway through the 29 faces!

12 - blind contour drawing (this was actually the second... the first is kinda visible on the other side), pencil on printer paper

13- and a non-blind non-single line contour drawing of the same subject..... amazing what looking at the paper does and does not change! Same pencil on printer paper

14- face only version of Exquisite corpse that my boyfriend and I worked on on the same printer paper with pencil

15- inkblotish/fold paper in half painting technique. I used a paintbrush and sloped the paint on. I went over some areas a couple of times, but only painting on the left side and then folding to fill in on the right. Acrylic paint on printer paper


  1. Great that you have experiment with lots of techniques in he 29 face challenge.

  2. I really like the second one for some reason, though I'm not sure why. Maybe it looks like it could be a cartoon or part of painting? I like the style of it.

    But why am I not surprised there's a face with a tongue sticking out? :-)