Saturday, December 19, 2015

Preview: Before the Rose Parade

I've worked in the city of Pasadena,CA for over 11 years, never more than a few blocks away from a portion of the Rose Parade Route. Although I've never gone to the Rose Parade itself, the craziness in the time leading up to it and afterwards is it's own experience. Since I see the streets of Pasadena every day going to work, the gradual signs (literally, no parking and "ROSE PARADE PARKING"), the bleacher parts being stacked up on the sidewalks and built up weeks before in the open concrete areas and open lawn areas along Colorado Blvd, the little details of the city that are there year around to accommodate the parade, the fences that pop up all over the buildings on the route, windows boarded up and finally the people crowding the sidewalks in the last 24 hours before the Parade with all their urban camping necessities for the often cool and sometimes raniy night before. The debris, the trash, the tape and glitter that stay on the sidewalks for somtimes months afterward. It's an experience and has impacts way beyond the New Years Parade.

Last year I decided to take the opportunity to shoot some photos with the Holga showing parts of this pre-Parade craziness. Here's a small peek at the result.....


Cruising on Colorado


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