Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Burning Man 2015 - Holga35 02 Arty bits

Whaaaaaaa.... The past week I've been trying to put some effort into making progress with film... cutting & putting into sleeves, scanning.. that kind of stuff. So with that comes many more photos to post, many from my 35mm Holga in the last year!

This set is another group shot at Burning Man 2015, in the Tuesday/Wednesday time frame...

lanterns... I really love how these double exposures turned out... they compliment the sights of Burning Man well... this one has an almost abstract, painterly quality all from snapping the shutter twice!

"Becoming Human" by Christian Ristow in front of Center Camp

"Love" by Alexandr Milov

the MAN

"rEvolution"  by Marco Cochrane & film being film

"Totem of Confessions" by Michael Garlington

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