Thursday, October 15, 2015

Venice CicLAvia, August 8, 2015, fishy

Few more CicLAvia photos, this time from the Culver City to Venice route back in August. I took the Red and Expo Lines out to the Culver City end of the route and met with some friends. I ended up riding with one down the whole way to Venice. It was a wonderfully pleasant ride, relatively stress free with perfect temperatures and an overcast skies (good for comfort, not the best for photos.) Once we arrived in Venice we decided to follow the bike path north/west. While it was somewhat congested next to the CicLAvia route end, parking lot and the Santa Monica Pier, once we got beyond that, the traffic became more sparse and we just kept going for about 6 miles until we hit Pacific Palisades. After locking up our bikes and leaving behind our shoes, we wandered down a relatively empty stretch of the the beach for another 1/2 mile before heading back to meet up with more people and having lunch. It was definitely an awesome, calming day for me filled with fun exploration on a low stress path along the beach, feeling like a perfect version of life in Los Angeles you always see on TV, but rarely actually experience while here.

biking along the beach....

more CicLAvia photos

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